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She sleeps alot.This is Kitty.  I found her in a parking lot at a Supermarket.  She was about 5 weeks old and came up to me and was rubbing on my leg.  I was thinking 'Geez, now I own a cat...'  She is very vocal.  Every time I look at her or call her name, she meows.

She was my first cat.


Jack1.jpg (63743 bytes)Jack2.jpg (56707 bytes)Jack4.jpg (62438 bytes)Jack3.jpg (73589 bytes)This is Jack.  I found him in my parking lot at my residence (I need to stay away from parking lots - can't afford any more cats!), and came up to me and rubbed on my leg.  He was very, very malnourished.  I went and got him some food.  Even though I could tell he was starving, he wouldn't eat, and would keep rubbing on my leg.

The vet said he was about 3 years old.  He evidently was a housecat at one point or another, because he was not afraid of people.  Some of his teeth are chipped/missing due to him being a stray for a good while and digging for food.  He never meows.

The first pics are of him when I first got him.  He was pretty thin.  The last pic is him about 4 months later.

Update:  Jack died earlier this year (2003).  He quickly got much thinner.   The veterinarian believed it was due to feline leukemia, but could not test due to Jack's weak condition.  We tried some medication, but within a week I had to put him to sleep.  Poor Jack.  He was a great cat.  I try to think that his last two years were better after I found him.

This is Jet.  I went to PetSmart shortly after Jack's death and found him.  He is a great cat.  He was 1.5 years old when I adopted him.  He is a very affectionate cat, and he follows me everywhere I go.  He doesn't meow much.